We’re all one- Unity in diversity

From Argentina, we are Roxana and Pablo and we carry on the proyect “We’re all one”.

Both of us were profesionaly trained on different areas like Certified Public Accountant, Legal adviser, Bachelor of Marketing and Promoters of Peace. For about 10 years, we have been trained in other areas such us yoga, native cultures, theory of sound and healing, meditation and relaxing techniques, neuroscience, bioneuroemotion, fundamental bases of Buddhism and hinduism. About these aspects, we’ve offered different workshops, conferences and seminars.

All of this topics have been aborded from the perspective of the idea “We are all one” in community with the totality of human beens and their nature.

Since a few month we’ve decided to give form to a proyect that we have planed long time ago: We are all one.

We are people that believe that we have to be the peace we want for this world.

In that sense, we disseminate and put into action the message of the Banner of Peace created by Nicola Roerich. "Peace Culture". The culture represented by the creative genious of humanity, understanding the creativity through the art, science and spirituality.

We work for the peace from the respect, the tolerance, the acceptance of the differences, from the empathy, understanding that everyone learn from everyone and and we are enriched by cultures, idiosyncrasies, ways of seeing life, of the "other”.

Because that “other” is iqual to my essence, we are one... but different y that difference is what enriched us and make us grow as human beens.

To carry this out we diagram our workshops and conferences initiating those who attend them about who was Nicolas Roerich, his work and his legacy and the message of the Banner of Peace, what is its objective, why its diffusion is necessary, how it can benefit everyone and how we can apply it in the daily life of each one of us.

We use different techniques of meditation to strengthen and reinforce the message of the Banner of Peace, making meditations for Peace both globally and personally.

These meditations are joined by different sounds that we believe that reforce and allow to better internalize the message and the beneficial effect of meditation: gongs, Tibetan singing bowls, native american flutes, tingshas, ​​crystal bowls, sea drum and aboriginal American drum, etc.

We take the message of the Banner of Peace to schools and institutions that allow us to access to different people of different ages, been one of our principal activities the presentation of the flag of the peace in kids and young people between 8 and 18 years old. We believe, that there is the future of humanity.

In addition to the presentation of the flag and the message in the schools, we held different workshops in which money is never paid, but a food is requested and donated to an institution that works with people who are not housing or poverty.

We are at your service for all that you consider usefull and that “We are all one” could collaborate to keep spreading the message of the Banner of Peace.

Roxana and Pablo


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